Brighter In The Dark, Coachella


This dual installation came together into something that was aesthetically bold and physically imposing in a truly engaging way. We made certain that once you stepped inside each of the experiences, the audio had a similarly shocking effect – like you’ve traveled into a future where algorithms have taken the place of deities.


The first experience, which we called the “Visual Beacon” showcased a powerful audio-reactive laser that beamed down seemingly from outer space. In this experience we built a custom 8.1 array that accommodated discrete placement of a “portal” in the rear as well as the laser in the front of the experience.


In the second experience – the “Sound Beacon” – we got to do something pretty special. This experience was based around the concept of using dichroic glass panels as speakers. We mounted and wired four modular 40w transducers to each of the five panels in the experience and hung them around the user. To supplement the glass panels we hung a quad array as well as a discrete two channel configuration for this experience’s “portal”. The entire array was reinforced by two 18″ subwoofers.


In each of these experiences we were able to implement and mix custom Childish Gambino tracks thanks to Chris Lane, his Music Director.

CLIENT Google, Childish Gambino
  • Chris Lane
  • Matthew Wachter
  • VT Pro Design
  • Ableton
  • TDAbleton
  • Touch Designer
  • Open Sound Control
  • MOTU Interfaces
  • RME Interfaces
  • Focal Speakers
  • Dayton Audio Transducers